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Free Hosting and Support for the Dogs on Deployment Foundation Dogs on Deployment had a big problem; they were growing too big to fast. Their technology simply couldn’t handle their needs and they needed help fast.   They contacted the Kerstner Foundation in desperate need of someone that could help and we obliged. Now is on our lightning fast enterprise servers all at [...]

The #1 Thing Non-profits WASTE Their Money On

Help non-profits stop throwing money down the toilet! Did you know that when non-profits were asked: As a charitable organization, what’s your single largest expense? Over 90% answered a combination of “marketing, advertising and PR”. That isn’t an exaggeration – We polled over 250 non-profits and 231 said their single biggest expense type is not related at all to charitable contributions. Learn where the money REALLY goes…

DNS NameServer Setup to Freely Host on Servers

When you register a domain name, either during the registration process, or afterwords through your Registrars control panel, you will need to set the “NameServers”. But getting your websites on our ultra fast servers sometime confuses people – especially when it comes to setting DNS NameServer Settings. This tutorial will teach you how.

Free Logo Design for Trader 7 Foundation and Connecting for Good

In nonprofit foundations, just as in any company, your brand image is critical to your success. Like first impressions it’s everything! From time to time the Kerstner Foundation comes across causes we really believe in but lack a professional brand, logo and website. We then unleash our Chief Creative Officer (CCO) & Art Director Aaron Zide…

Support the ANE Pediatric Stroke Foundation A pediatric stroke is no different than an adult stroke, other than the age group it affects.  It occurs when the blood flow to any part of the brain of a child (0 – 18 years of age) or unborn is interrupted, resulting in tissue injury and the loss of brain function. An estimated [...]