Whilst the vast majority of the time The Kerstner Foundation is wholly financed by Chris Kerstner, we are always looking for individuals to support our vision for a brighter tomorrow.

All money we receive from outside donations goes back to charity; 100% of it!

All of our staff and executive board work pro bono and any extraneous costs incurred during projects are financed by our parent company, Kerstner Company.

Criteria for Donating:

Preface: Unfortunately the high level of selectivity we must enforce when picking projects also must be enforced when accepting outside donations. If you don’t meet the following prerequisites we encourage for you to donate directly to another charity or one of our favorites – Because you can never give too much!

  • Minimum donation of $15 USD and or 10 hours of your time.
  • You must share our passion of creating a better future for our children to enjoy.
  • You must acknowledge your understanding that The Kerstner Foundation gives NO preference to gender, race, sexual preference, political affiliation or religion when deciding whom to donate to.
  • Finally, you understand that unless explicitly requested against, you allow The Kerstner Foundation to publish articles about your generosity and its impact on society. Sharing your good deed with the world across the Streamlined Fusion Syndication Network.

All donations are tax deductable with applicable forms available upon request.

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