Free Logo Design for Trader 7 Foundation and Connecting for Good

In nonprofit foundations, just as in any company, your brand image is critical to your success. Like first impressions it’s everything! From time to time the Kerstner Foundation comes across causes we really believe in but lack a professional brand, logo and website. We then unleash our Chief Creative Officer (CCO) & Art Director Aaron Zide…

The Facebook “Like” $16K Charity Giveaway

During the final days of May the Kerstner Foundation is donating $100 for each new “Like” they receive on their Facebook page: At the time of writing this post the Kerstner Foundation currently has “44 Likes”. Our goal is to get 200+ new “Likes” which will help us raise over $16,000! All proceeds will [...]

Free website and free web hosting

Today we got a message from an individual who wasn’t a non-profit, but wanted to raise money for a charitable cause. They wanted to know if we could build them a free website and offer free web hosting. Because the individual was not a registered 501(c)(3) this isn’t something we can normally help with except [...]