Free Wristbands

Show your support by rocking a Kerstner Foundation wristband. Why you ask? No it’s not just to make you look cool; it’s also so you can enter into our Wristband Facebook Photo Contest where anytime you post an image to our Facebook Page with you wearing your wristband, we’ll donate $50 to our Charity of the [...]

Entrepreneur Offers Free Websites, Marketing and PR to Non-Profits

Veteran entrepreneur Chris Kerstner and The Kerstner Foundation offer free web design, web hosting, marketing services and PR to all! Only prerequisite: you must be a registered 501(c)(3). Two decades in the marketing business and 1000’s of clients later there was one glaring inefficiency that angered Chris Kerstner; when most non-profits were in the start-up [...]

Free Enterprise Hosting

People often think that the free hosting we provide to non-profits will be some “bare bones” setup. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the free hosting we offer is enterprise grade, suitable for the smallest non-profit all the way up to any fortune 100 company. Our partner, allows us to provide [...]

Free Website Hosting for Non-profits

The Kerstner Foundation has teamed up with founder Chris Kerstner and his newest company Hosted Fusion to offer free web hosting to qualified nonprofit organizations.

Not only will you receive free web hosting, but also free email hosting; In fact you can have an unlimited number of email accounts all included for free.

To qualify for this free hosting you must meet the following criteria:

$75,000 in Charitable Website Development

The Kerstner Foundation is proud to announce completing over $75,000 in charitable website development in the second fiscal quarter of 2008. This milestone more than doubles our previous record of $28,500 set Q1 of 2008. In partnership with Streamlined Fusion the Kerstner Foundation developed and financed eight web 2.0 sites at no charge to the [...]