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Free Enterprise Hosting

People often think that the free hosting we provide to non-profits will be some “bare bones” setup. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the free hosting we offer is enterprise grade, suitable for the smallest non-profit all the way up to any fortune 100 company. Our partner, allows us to provide [...]

45 Nonprofits Signup for Free Web Hosting

We are happy to announce that only 3 weeks after publically offering free web hosting to nonprofits, that over 45 organizations have applied. All were approved! This equates to a total of $3,600/mo. in savings for those nonprofits that no longer need to pay for monthly web hosting bills. Isn’t that incredible! Suffice it to [...]

Free Website Hosting for Non-profits

The Kerstner Foundation has teamed up with founder Chris Kerstner and his newest company Hosted Fusion to offer free web hosting to qualified nonprofit organizations.

Not only will you receive free web hosting, but also free email hosting; In fact you can have an unlimited number of email accounts all included for free.

To qualify for this free hosting you must meet the following criteria: